Boudoir Manifesto

In a sea of external opinions on how to live your life, be audacious enough to love yourself. Love the woman you are. Love yourself like you love your dearest friends. With eyes that seek beauty instead of cataloging faults. With generosity and understanding that you are human, and to fail and try again is human. With encouragement and excitement for the the things that inspire you, listening with openness to your intuition and desires.

I have people tell me all the time that I look more amazing every time they see me. They want to know ‘what I’m doing’. I know they expect me to talk about something concrete like changing diet, going to the gym, etc. But the answer comes down to this. I choose myself. I choose happiness. I work consciously to create my life. I cultivate gratitude. I love my body and I love myself. This is revolutionary, though it shouldn’t be. I was asked to answer the question: What are your passion projects? What is something you care deeply about? What fills your time when you’re not building a business? Frolic Boudoir is my answer. I started this as a personal project for myself, but was inspired to open it up in invitation to the women who are ready to take responsibility, ready to create magic in your life and find your wild.

The main goal is always to have fun. —- In my mind, a boudoir session isn’t about being perfect and sexy. It’s not about social pressure to be a certain way or about enticing men. To me, boudoir is about embracing your own intimate and feminine side. Its about giving yourself freedom of expression. It’s about selfcare, self love and being body positive. We all experience this self exploration differently and it is such a fun thing to do when you are in a safe and supportive environment.

If I’m being honest, I’d have to say it’s hard sometimes for me to hear the way women speak about themselves. It leaves me feeling sad and exasperated. And determined to show them what I see. It makes my heart hurt. Because they can’t seem to see themselves as I do. It makes me want to quote poetry to them… To tell them “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” #hafiz

For any of you who are questioning yourselves today…. Choose to shine, my darling! Be audacious enough to look in the mirror with loving eyes and accept yourself wholeheartedly.

Nearly every woman who comes for a portrait or boudoir session with me starts the conversation with some variant of how unphotogenic they are, how they’ve been trying to lose weight/tone up/etc, or a litany of their faults with jokes about ‘fixing’ them in Photoshop. Much of this is just good natured fun and a display of nerves. Don’t worry about the nerves. That’s normal and you’re going to do great!

However…..If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written, you probably know that self love and beauty from the inside out are hot button items with me. Nothing gets me on my soap box faster 😉 If you are in front of my camera, I’m going to ask you take down your defenses, to stop hiding from me, and show me your full glorious authentic self. It is disquieting to me how many of us automatically self edit. We limit ourselves to what we think is wanted of us.

Sometimes a small voice pops up in my head and wonders “Who do you think you are?” and “What will people think?” and “Wouldn’t it be better to be safe, follow the crowd, and just blend in?” That’s the moment I have to remind myself of my own truth, echoed by all the glorious strong women who have come before me and beside me…. “Darling, Just Fucking Own It” – #MadonnaQuote (though I’m sure she’s not the first or last to say it 😉

Which is why I have to follow my own advice. Recently, I’ve been challenging myself to push boundaries in my own self-portrait work. To explore different facets of my personality. Even the ones I habitually obscure or edit or tone down for others comfort. I don’t want to be a pretty girl. I want to be a wilder girl, a smarter girl, a stronger girl, a girl boss. Which is why you will probably find me on Frolic’s instagram feed and in recent blog posts, sharing my self-portraits and encouraging you in your journey of loving kindness towards your body and towards yourself.


Passion Quote - Woman Laughing in Leather Chair - Frolic Boudoir by Luck Photography - Burlington NC

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