Hi! I’m Sarah,

the girl behind the lens at Frolic Boudoir.

For years, I’ve taken self portraits as a form of introspection and personal exploration. I find it to be a powerful tool for self love, self acceptance, and cultivating joy. You will find me (endlessly, please forgive me) talking about boudoir as a form of empowerment and powerful life changing self expression for women. – – –

This self portrait captures a lot of my personality. The way I tend to be both shy and exuberant. The way I like to approach life as something to experience with joy and excitement. My belief that the beauty you hold on the inside will shine out of you if you will just let it.


One of the things that makes me really really happy

is when new clients greet me with a big smile and comment how they feel like they already know me, because I share a lot of myself on the blog and on social media. I like to think that if I can be brave by example, you can be brave too, letting your own light shine out into the world.


I have people tell me all the time that I look more amazing every time they see me. They want to know ‘what I’m doing’. I know they expect me to talk about something concrete like changing diet, going to the gym, etc. But the answer comes down to this.

I choose myself.
I choose happiness.

I work consciously to create my life. I cultivate gratitude. I love my body and I love myself. This is revolutionary, though it shouldn’t be.

There’s a tiny voice in the back of my head that says “This is your gift. This is something you’re meant to do.” I see you. Every one of you who steps in front of my camera. I see you and you are beautiful. There is nothing as sexy and alluring as a women who is living in her power, who trusts herself.

Someone recently asked me: What are your passion projects? What is something you care deeply about? What fills your time when you’re not building a business? Frolic Boudoir is my answer. It started as a personal project for myself, but I was inspired to open it up in invitation to the women who are ready to take responsibility, to create magic in your life and find your wild.

P.s. If you’ve always wanted to try out a boudoir session, “I think you should just go for it!”